Renewed beauty from the core of your skin.

An aging care brand that focuses on the skin's innate self-healing ability and fuses natural elements for your skin together with advanced technology backed by science.

Aging care
in a more familiar and effective format

Meticulously selected ingredients and elements backed by solid evidence. This high-performance aging care brand is for adult women, particularly the generations who need urgent care for their skin.

Cica no further for sensitive skin care.

The cosmetics brand sitrana was created to protect against irritation and to make daring efforts in pushing the envelope of beauty.

男性スキンケア「DUO MEN」

Introducing a skincare brand for men

A frictionless face wash and an all-in-one product with three functions that work hard to solve men's skin issues.

メンズスキンケア「DUO MEN」

Gain true confidence and independence through care for grey hair

A new hair care brand inspired by clay spa treatment, delivering beautiful hair and healthy skin while providing the joy of color.

* Care for grey hair is based on hair coloring effects