Since our founding in 2009, we have developed our business with the desire to create new values in society that will enable everyone can use their intellectual curiosity to challenge new things and to live life to the fullest no matter their age.

Although these thoughts that have been cherished since our founding have not changed, as our business expands, I started to feel that it is important to convey my thoughts underlying Premier Anti-Aging, the Company’s philosophy and our mid-to-long term vision to all of our stakeholders, including new employees and employees of Group companies.

We have recently announced our medium-term management plan "2024-2027+Beyond," which reevaluates and redefines our company's purpose and long-term vision, and have also established a new corporate identity (CI) consisting of our slogan, purpose, promise, and corporate logo.

Centered on the new CI, we are thoroughly committed to providing "Unique value" which is the source of our strength and aim to become an anti-aging company by building a platform where unique brands gather to address challenges in the entire anti-aging sector required in the "100-year lifespan" era. 

We look forward to your continued understanding and support as we take on new challenges.

November 2023
Kiyoshi Matsuura
President and Representative Director
Premier Anti-Aging Co., Ltd.