Premier Anti-Aging, Co., Ltd. was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers on October 28, 2020. This achievement reflects the warm support we have received from you, and I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for that support.

Since our establishment in December 2009, we have been committed to being unique and when we develop and commercialize cosmetics, we put that uniqueness into each and every product. Starting with the creation of the DUO brand, we have expanded our business performance while cultivating our digital marketing and branding capabilities. Based on this business model, we aim to expand our business not only in cosmetics but also in anti-aging related areas.
"Enrich people's daily lives through anti-aging products and services"—with this philosophy in mind, we will continue to provide various products and services going forward.

The current stock listing has made us aware of our responsibility as a publicly traded company. We will work as one entity to further expand our business and at the same time become a company that is trusted by everyone and contribute broadly to society.
We would greatly appreciate your continued support and cooperation.


Kiyoshi Matsuura, President and Representative Director