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Contributions to Global Environmental Conservation

Initiatives for and contributions to a decarbonized society

CANADEL refill product

For CANADEL, which was previously distributed in disposable containers, we have adopted refills, a change that cuts plastic roughly 70%.* Compared to replacing the container each time, this reduces the CO2 emissions 0.23 kilograms per unit, which helps protect
the global environment.

*Comparison calculated based on plastic usage in existing products (body, cap, inner lid, and spatula) and refill containers

Elimination of inner lid of The Cleansing Balm

“DUO The Cleansing Balm” used to have an inner lid, but starting from 2022, the inner lid has been gradually abolished. This has reduced plastic usage and waste.
Note: Excluding Duo The Cleansing Balm Hot a

Use of containers applying green nanotechnology

The containers for the DUO The Cleansing Balm series apply green nanotechnology. Adding green nano reduces roughly 60% of the CO2 emissions caused during combustion. 

Delivery using compact packaging

Most mail-order/e-commerce items are delivered using compact packaging. Compact packaging eliminates extra packaging materials, providing the advantage of transporting larger quantities at one time. In this way, we are helping reduce CO2 emissions during delivery.

Compact delivery slips

We have reduced the size of the delivery slip included with mail-order/e-commerce deliveries from A3 to A4. This eliminates approximately 81 tons of CO2 emissions per year, while also curbing printing costs.

Contributions to resource recycling and circular economy

Utilization of sustainable ingredients

We are working to reduce food waste by effectively using underutilized raw materials as ingredients, while also choosing ingredients that help protect the environment and support local communities. For DUO MEN, we use oil extracted from Japanese pampas grass, an underutilized resource, as a key ingredient.

Development of a special spatula with wood flow molding

In 2022, we used wood flow molding technology* to develop a special spatula with the aims of reducing our use of plastic and helping achieve a circular society that recycles resources. With this technology, about 70 to 80% of the raw materials can be replaced with biofuel wood (cedar and Japanese cypress chips) that was originally intended to be burned. We are currently working to improve the cost issues with a view toward implementing the technology for DUO products.

*Kozo Kanayama (currently professor emeritus at Kyoto University) developed this technology in 2009 while working at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). He published a paper on the technology that was the first of its kind in the world. AIST and CHIYODA KOGYO Co., Ltd. subsequently carried out joint research. AIST holds the basic patents for this technology.

Initiatives related to cosmetics boxes

Usage of FSC®-certified paper

FSC® certification is a system whereby products are sold bearing the FSC label if they were made with wood from forests recognized as well managed or low risk for other factors. We use FSC®-certified paper for all our brands that require paper packaging and for shipping boxes.
Note: Excluding facial products and certain limited edition products

Awarded the GP Environmental Grand Prize for four consecutive years

For the presentation boxes of some products, we use GP-certified factories that meet environmental standards for paper, ink, binding, and surface treatment processes. We have been awarded “the GP Certification System”in recognition of our dedication to reducing our impact on the global environment for four consecutive years since 2020.

Adoption of waterless printing

We actively use materials that are printed by the waterless lithography method, a printing technique that does not discharge harmful waste liquids. This helps reduce our use and emission of hazardous substances.