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Strengthening governance

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

The Company believe s that it is important to enhance management soundness, transparency, and compliance awareness in order to achieve sustainable corporate growth and improve corporate value over the medium to long term. To this end, the Company conduct s efficient management by building an organizational structure that can flexibly respond to changes in the business environment while enhancing its corporate governance system.

In addition, the Company promptly pro vide s information to its shareholders and inv estors based on tra nsparency and fairness, and it will fulfill its accountability in good faith through constructive dialogue with its shareholders and investors.

Risk Management

The Group set up a system to achieve sustainable growth while responding to changes in the business environment whereby each department of the Group analyzes the various risks associated with its corporate activities and examines preventive measures. The director in charge of each department, working through the relevant departments, establishes and distributes rules, training programs, and manuals, as necessary. For legal issues, we have entered into advisory contracts with a corporate
attorney and a corporate labor and social security attorney to allow us to receive guidance and advice as necessary and take appropriate measures.

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee is composed of directors, executive officers, and others, and in principle meets quarterly. The head of the Corporate Division chairs this committee, which reports and discusses matters related to the formulation of basic policies, plans, and systems for risk management.


Following the Compliance Rules and the Premier Anti-Aging Code of Conduct, all officers and employees of the Group are aware of compliance and perform their duties in accordance with laws, regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, internal rules, etc.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee consists of directors, executive officers, the head of corporate planning, the head of legal affairs, the head of quality assurance, and others. In principle, it meets quarterly.
The committee is chaired by the president and reports and discusses matters related to the formulation of basic policies, plans, and systems for compliance.

Tax Policy

We believe that if we continue to pay appropriate taxes and fulfill our social responsibilities over the long term, this will fulfill an important role in economic and social development, which will also meet the requirements and trust of all stakeholders. We are therefore committed to ensuring compliance with laws and regulations relating to taxation.

Response to Antisocial Forces

We do not have any relationship with or provide any benefits to antisocial organizations or individuals who pose a threat to social order or sound corporate business activities. We have implemented measures such as the inclusion of clauses to eliminate antisocial forces in contracts and other documents and also carry out screening before transactions. We also request our employees to sign a written pledge to comply with the above principle when they join our company and conduct educational activities to raise their awareness. We have appointed a person to be responsible for prevention of making unjust demands in the administrative department. In the event of an unjust demand, we, along with the administrative department as the contact point, will take appropriate measures in cooperation with our corporate attorney and the applicable police station.

Whistle-blowing System

We have established a whistle-blowing system available to all employees. We provide contact information points not only inside but also outside the Company for contacting outside attorneys. This allows us to directly identify risk information within the Company, not only to quickly identify and resolve problems, but to also make risk recommendations and prevent violations, thereby ensuring that our business activities are free of any fraud and that we provide safe and secure products to our customers.

Education to Prevent Fraud

We provide a variety of employee training programs such as insider trading prevention training, subcontractor law training, and information security training to deepen their understanding of relevant laws and in this way help prevent them from committing fraud or corruption.

Measures against Disasters and Infectious Diseases

We regularly conduct initial response drills such as evacuation drills. To cope with infectious diseases such as COVID-19, we are intensifying our measures against these issues by placing the highest priority on employee safety. Specifically, we inform employees of daily preventive measures and response processes in the event of an outbreak, to prevent the spread of such infection and ensure the continuity of our business.