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Pursuing an Organizational Culture Whose Members Grow Up Together

Developing human resources who strive to create value and continue to grow

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Forever vivid. Untether time," our Group has continued to focus on enriching everyday life and creating a new future where everyone can brighten at any time by providing “Unique value” never seen before to the world since our founding.
In order to continue to provide "Unique value" going forward, we believe that each employee's uniqueness, capability, and growth are essential above all. Furthermore, in an environment of intense change and competition, we position human resources as the source of value creation and competitive advantage.

Employee engagement

The Group's basic philosophy is that employees’ attachment to their work and the company and their sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their work leads to higher productivity, improved business performance and sustainable growth. Therefore, we position employee engagement as one of the important indicators in management and conduct regular engagement surveys for all employees. At each survey, management shares and discusses the situation and issues, reflects them in the action plan, and promotes specific initiatives.

Education and training system

We have introduced a training system and qualification support system with the aim of maximizing employee growth and organizational strength. We conduct group training programs in which employees learn the skills required according to their roles, as well as hand-up training programs that provide opportunities for employees who wish to grow on their own initiative.

Diversity initiatives

The Group is committed to diversity and inclusion, aiming to create an organization where diverse people respect various values and play active roles.
The Group has 252 employees, of whom 59% are women. We have eight foreign nationals working for us and plan to hire more. We have also introduced a postretirement reemployment system to allow older employees to continue working as long as they are willing and able.
*Data is information as of the end of July 2023.

We received 3-Star Eruboshi certification for our initiatives promoting the active participation of women.

Eruboshi is a system that certifies companies for outstanding efforts to support women’s career development. It is administered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (the Women’s Advancement Promotion Law). In October 2021, we were first granted the three-star rating, the highest of the three levels of certification, as we had met all five criteria of (1) hiring, (2) continued employment, (3) work style including
working hours, (4) percentage of managerial positions held by women, and (5) diverse career paths.

Improving Well-Being

Realization of mental and physical health

Health Management

The Company aims to be a leading company in anti-aging with the management philosophy "Untether time”. In order to realize this philosophy, it is essential that each employee leads a life in which they can feel physically and mentally healthy and happy. On August 17, 2022, we formulated our Health Management Declaration, based on the belief that an environment in which employees can work in good physical and mental health is important as a foundation that supports the creation of value for our employees. Based on the Health Management Declaration, we strive to promote well-being so that our employees and everyone involved with our company can lead healthy and prosperous lives. In the future, through the promotion of various measures based on the Health Management Declaration, we will create a social culture and a new common sense in which every individual can demonstrate their individuality and abilities.

[Health Management Declaration]
Toward a healthy, radiant life for all
The Premier Anti-Aging Group is a pioneer in the anti-aging business, committed to helping our employees, their families, and everyone in the world stay healthy and radiant, regardless of age.

<Action Guidelines>

  • We are committed to providing all employees and their families an environment that promotes physical and mental health and well-being , which are necessary to create unique sensibilities and thoughts.
  • We will develop initiatives to ensure that not only our employees and their families but also everyone associated with our company can enjoy a beautiful,healthy, and brighter future.

We have been certified as a 2023 Health and Productivity Management Organization.
The Health and Productivity Management Organization is a certification system that honors companies that practice particularly excellent health and productivity management based on initiatives that address local health issues and health promotion initiatives promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
We have been certified as a “2023 Health and Productivity Management Organization (Large Enterprise Category)”.

<Health Management Promotion Framework>
In promoting health management, the President and Representative Director is responsible for health management and promotes overall health management from a management perspective. The health management promotion manager serves as the health management promotion secretariat, and in cooperation with the safety and health committee, industrial physicians and public health nurses, we are disseminating various information and developing measures to encourage employees to take  voluntary health initiatives.


Work-style initiatives

Application of remote working and flextime systems

The Group promotes a variety of work styles with a remote working scheme and a flextime system (with core time).

Restriction on long working hours

We limit the need for extended working hours by upgrading management skills including by regular monitoring, actively hiring employees, and streamlining our operations. The average amount of overtime worked per month was 13 hours.

Encouraging employees to take paid leave

The percentage of paid leave taken by employees was 70.3%. We have established an action plan to encourage employees to take paid leave so that they can rest, refresh themselves, and demonstrate greater creativity.

Child-care and nursing-care support initiatives

We support child care and nursing care for our employees with a leave system for childcare, nursing care, and caring for sick children. We are expanding the options of work styles by allowing employees to choose full-time instead of shorter working hours, even while they are raising children or caring for family members, through the remote working system.

*August 2022 through July 2023 for full-time employees at Premier Anti-Aging, Inc. on a stand-alone basis.

Providing Unique Value

Pursuit of premier anti-aging quality

Social contribution activities


The Cosme Bank Project is an activity run by Bank for Smiles, a general incorporated association with the philosophy of “Bringing smiles to women and the earth.'' This is an initiative to deliver cosmetics that are no longer available due to sales discontinuation, to women who cannot afford cosmetics for free. We have been continuously participating in this project as a partner company since 2022.

Sponsorship of Tokyo Weekdays Basketball League

We shared with the Tokyo Weekdays Basketball League its vision for the Sustainability Development Goals of “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” and “achieve gender equality,” and offered products.