To make sure that customers using our products have confidence that such products are truly beneficial for their skin and bodies, we have put in place strict voluntary standards for our products and services to ensure thorough quality control. We guarantee safety by conducting repeated skin safety tests such as patch tests, in addition to confirming that the ingredients used comply
with standards. We also pursue the safety and security of all our products by continuously implementing quality assurance act ivi t ies at every stage of product development, production, logistics, and postlaunch.

Selection of Raw Materials and Product Design

We evaluate the safety of all the raw materials and use only those that we are confident are safe to use.
Our evaluation also covers the safety of our products during shipping which is especially important because our business is centered on mail orders. We therefore select packages that we are confident will prove safe.

Safety of Formulas

We conduct stability and safety tests on self-developed products that include content stability tests, patch tests, and allergy tests in order to ensure that their quality is high enough to pass these tests.
Furthermore, we carry out stinging tests of products for customers with delicate skin in the presence of dermatologists.

Safety of Containers

To determine if the shape, material, and function of containers is appropriate, we repeatedly perform compatibility tests for the contents as well as testing in all sorts of environments where the customer is likely to use them.
We provide ideal container types that fully satisfy our customers by adopting only those containers that meet our specified quality criteria.

Safety of Content

We conduct sensory tests of the content of all our products before and after filling and offer only those products that have passed these tests. Moreover, we ensure that the products are manufactured in compliance with the specified criteria by observing the actual manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Management Structure

We do not operate our own factories but instead perform our own visual checks at factories to ensure we can feel confident about these products when contracting out their manufacture. We only allow manufacture of those products that have passed our examinations for process standards.

Logistics Management Structure

We confirm by way of shipping tests whether the packaging allows our products to reach our customers without problems. We also check the distribution centers with our own eyes and only utilize those centers that pass our screening process.

Establishment of Customer Support Office

We have established a Customer Support Office in order to make the most of valuable feedback from our customers and in this way offer better products and services.

Ecosystem Protection Initiatives

We have not conducted, and do not plan to conduct, any animal studies in the development of our cosmetics products (including quasi-drugs). We will continue to proactively work on alternative methods to animal testing in collaboration with domestic and international industry associations and other companies. * This excludes cases when we receive requests from the government in specific countries.


In recent years, there have been concerns regarding microplastic beads (microscopic plastic particles) that can pass through sewage treatment and leak into the ocean, affecting the ecological food chain. We do not use microplastic beads in our cosmetics products, and we have a policy of not using them in the future.

Joint Research Initiatives

The Group conducts research activities under business-academia collaboration to develop better products and create health opportunities for society.